Find out about the science behind Carenga.

Multiple research studies support the combined benefits of social interaction and familiar music. Here are some highlights:

  • Social engagement is a leading factor of good physical and emotional health.
  • Music activates every part of the brain.
  • Familiar music from younger years triggers positive emotions and autobiographical memories.
  • Listening to familiar music opens the door to memory in Alzheimer’s.’
  • Reminiscing contributes to well-being and helps with depression in dementia, cancer, and old age.
  • Familiar music decreases dementia behaviors such as anxiety, depression, and agitation.
  • Singing familiar lyrics improves speech in aphasia and dementia.
  • Persons with dementia understand and respond more positively to sung lyrics than spoken words.
  • Familiar music improves stroke patients’ recovery.
  • Familiar and rhythmic music, singing, and dancing can help with Parkinson’s motor and speech symptoms.
  • Shared listening of familiar music helps decrease caregiver stress.